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Print Ready Artwork Requirements


  • Reference: Include a pdf proof as a visual along with your print file

  • Zoom In: View print file at full size to verify quality

  • Size: Double check that the sizing of your art file matches what was ordered

  • Proofread: Spell-check all text


Art Creation at 10% Scale:

  • Convert Feet to Inches (8’ = 96”)

  • Divide by 10 to get 10% (96” —> 9.6”)

  • Bleed: 0.25” per side unless specified otherwise


  • Full Size – 300 DPI

  • *Smaller prints (4″ or less) may require higher than 72 DPI for resolution​


  • Create artwork in CMYK mode for print

  • Color Matching: Use Pantone CP colors for vector graphics Match Prints are recommended for images to meet color expectations

  • Use CMYK 60/40/40/100 for Rich black


  • Preferred: packaged .ai or .eps

  • (all links and fonts included)

  • Alternate: .pdf 

Not reliable for high quality print:
.png .gif .bmp, Microsoft word, power point,etc


  • Preferred: Outline all text to avoid complications

  • Alternate: Include all font files with your art files


  • Preferred: DropBox, email, google drive, we transfer

  • Alternate: CD, DVD, Thumb Drive


See our FAQs page or contact your sales rep for more information!
Additionally, soWal Graphics can design your artwork for $75/hour.

Are you PRINT READY?: Warranty Disclaimer
colorArtboard 1.png

These two X's are the same color:  Colors are FUNNY

Color Selections
Colors printed are based on codes or artwork provided by client:
When a color code is provided on a printed job, we use a PMS (Pantone Matching System) to coordinate the color printed versus the color seen on your screen. We cannot guarantee a 100% color match on any color, as there are many variables that affect this. We do our absolute best to make every client happy. Due to the volume that we print in our facility, when an RGB (WEB) color code is provided, we use our software to generate a CMYK (PRINT) color code to be able to match to our Pantone color chips.

All printers are not created equally!
Always remember that all printers do not print the same. Commercial printers are a different caliber machine. We calibrate our printer for greater accuracy daily. Any proof that you print at home or at your office WILL NOT match the color we print. If ever a question, please ask. We will gladly explain and elaborate on color printing and matching.

Do you need specific colors matched precisely?
For any client that requires precise color matching, we ask that you call or email that you want to see and approve printed color swatches prior to production, This service will ensure that your final product is as close to the exact color that you are expecting. 
In fact, if you are not local to us, we can send you a physical sample of the colors that are to be used in the production of your order for your final approval. So if your order requires precise color matching, we invite you to contact us directly at 850-231-2009 to discuss options and costs (starting as low as $150).

Are you PRINT READY?: Store Policies
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